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Contrasting to the American law the german law maker decided to introduce several specialized types of lawyers - the so called << fachanwälte >> ...

The demands to a << fachanwalt >> are very simple ( but difficult also ):

-   Being a lawyer for a minimum of three years
-   Having a special number of trials at local, higher and Supremecourts
-   Special knowledge being beyond the knowledge of normal lawyers
-   Passing the examinations of the germans´ lawyeres´ bar

I´m a specialized lawyer for the defence ( only 1,5% of german lawyers are as me )!

The right contact if you need a lawyer for criminal law in germany, because you have troubles concerning the police, the cid, the public prosecutor, the court, an investigation, an arresting or your drivers´ license, don´t hesitate to call me ...

Being a listed defender for the members of the American forces ( military and civilian ) I work together with the << Justizverbindungsstelle Mannheim / Heidelberg >>.

Since the last years I had a lot of american clients and my position as a defender for you was also manifested within my advertising in your << home newsletter >> stars & stripes.

Also I am member of the international page for << speaker´s international >>, visit me !

Last not least I am lucky to tell you, that the godmother of my youngest daughter ( oouups - in the meantime 17 ) is a higher ranked officer in the united airforces ...

So, if you are in trouble, take a lawyer you trust in - ME !!!

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